Time to think

Looking out the window, letting my mind wander, gazing up at a sun-splashed mountain. (or is it a hill? I’m never sure.) These are the moments when the mind can free itself from the everyday bonds of necessity. Of requirement. Rather, it should be a requirement to free your mind, and it is necessary to let things go from time to time.

That’s a bit of a ramble, but sometimes it’s what the mind does when it wanders. It wanders, it rambles, it moves from side to side, playing leapfrog with ideas and topics – never focusing on one for long, or, maybe, too long, which can only aggravate and annoy. 

The mind is a supple creation, and it needs downtime to enjoy its suppleness. To revel in the frivolity of thinking just for thought’s sake – not to discover, or contemplate, or decide. Just to think. 

A wandering mind.

We’re told from a young age not to let your mind wander. But why? Out at the periphery, that’s where the best ideas live! They don’t come wandering into the light, asking you to find them. They’d prefer to remain hidden away, coquettishly batting their “eyes”, enticing you out of your comfortable spaces. Ideas, the best ideas, are like love letters from the other side. 

So, yes, let your mind wander. Enjoy the unfocused gaze at something that you find beautiful. And don’t trouble yourself with the moment-to-moment productiveness. Explore the outer reaches, and see what sorts of ideas you may find living there. 


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