495 Tabs

I’ve just updated my iPhone, and with it came new notifications and things to explore. The Safari interface changed noticeably, if not significantly. And something that surprised me were the 495 tabs that I had open. Now, iPhone caps at 500 tabs. And I know that as I’ve hit that count several times in the past, leaving me to go through and delete a couple.

What is it about tabs that make me not close them? Once information is found, the source can be let go of, right? That coming from someone who collects books and usually has no intention of letting go of them.

But tabs are less substantial than books. They just sit there, not really doing anything. A bit of data waiting to be released.

Some are stories I want to read. Others contain products I’m considering purchasing (or have considered). There are exercise tips, DIY guides, daily horoscopes. Also articles, recipes, and various sign in pages. 

In other words, a plethora of type, and a dearth of organization. 

So, this next week, I’ll be collating my various tabs, and reducing it to a more manageable number. Assuming I don’t get distracted and add more than I close out.


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