A number of untitled documents

We collect thoughts everywhere. There’s rarely a perfect system for getting it down. Take myself, for instance. I use notes on my phone, google docs, Word, Pages, as well as written notes in notebooks, memo pads, sticky notes… the list goes on.

When thoughts come to us faster than we can process, it’s hard to stay on top of them. It becomes more about managing the output of our thoughts rather than shaping them into proper ideas.

So, the task this week – take a thought, incubate it to full-fledged idea, and plan to execute it. Just to see what happens.


One thought on “A number of untitled documents

  1. Oh yeah, I have a centralised digital app for this (Notion) and a commonplace book that I always keep close. That makes it easy for me to consolidate both. I used to jot down my ideas everywhere too, and I’m sure there are still a few that I’ve forgotten about. Anyway, here’s to actually executing on said ideas!

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