Friday Dispatch

Been so long, I forgot what I was calling it. But, some things to share:

What I’m reading: African Samurai, by Thomas Lockley and Geoffrey Girard. The story of a sixteenth century slave, stolen from along the Nile. He became a boy soldier, fighting wars in India; then a professional bodyguard, working for Portuguese Jesuits; and finally a samurai under a prominent Japanese warlord. Really an interesting story.

What I’m watching: Star Wars: Clone Wars the animated series. My roommate had a frank discussion with me about Star Wars, and decided I needed to see the show. I haven’t had much time for tv watching, so I think I’ve seen eighteen episodes over two months. But it’s something.

For good sleep, try this position. I’m always trying to tweak my sleep. For several years I’ve focused on sleeping on my back. But, in my current bed setup, it just has t been all that comfortable. So side sleeping has proved to be the best bet.

Something I’m pondering: Show me your original face before you were born. A famous zen koan that pushes the mind towards our authentic self.


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