Consider this

Some things to peruse I picked up or wondered over during the week:

  • The pandemic has hit some organizations harder than others, and the world of the arts is no different. This reporting from the Orlando Weekly shed some light on organizations I’ve worked with over the years, and how they made changes to their programming, and how new funding is becoming available.
  • From the Art Review, the opinion that funds should go to artists, not art managers.
  • Regarding the world of my favorite beverage, it seems that drinking decaf coffee could have dangerous side effects. And while my decaf consumption is usually little to nil, it’s important to remember that everything should be consumed “in moderation”.
  • Something happened in January which made many people excited – F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby entered the public domain. It now becomes open to freely interpreted and performed adaptations. Just last year, Fortitude (the New York Public Library lion) was photographed with a copy of Gatsby.
  • And, of course, sign up for the NYPL newsletters, with an array of options to choose from.

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