Rein in the good ideas

I’ve been meditating more over the past few months and I’ve noticed than when I lose the moments of mindfulness, I’ll find good ideas popping up. At first, I struggled to try and recall them. This led to more thinking about them during meditation, disrupting my concentration even more.

I’ve started noting them down – pausing my meditation for a moment – so that when I return to the practice, I don’t have the distraction of knowing I’ll have to try and recollect the thought.

All creativity operates in much the same way. When we’re not beating down its door, it’s more apt to come calling. It just happens that it’s usually while we’re in the kitchen attempting to put out the small grease fire we’ve started while trying to cook for a dinner party of twelve. That is, when we’re focused so strongly on other things, good ideas tend to pop up – often at inopportune times.

I’ve yet to work out how to control the creative impulses, but I’m assured that it can be done. Most artists and creatives follow routines, repetition, and daily practices to ensure that the work moves forward, calling forth inspiration when at convenient times.


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