How to talk

Sometimes it feels like our personal beliefs are being assaulted. We get that gut reaction that, this person we’re talking to, their so different from me, in the way they think, what they believe, what they want – either for themself or for the country/world/whatever – that not only are we on different footing, but if this person’s footing is to stay strong, mine will be weakened as a result.

Thus, we become combative.

It happens time and again, that from the viewpoint of maintaining our beliefs, we need to put down the beliefs of others.

But, like so many things in life, it’s not that simple. Putting down one’s beliefs won’t change them, just as someone putting down my beliefs won’t affect the way I think. There’s common ground to be found among some things, and disparate views that must be accepted if a conversation is to start.

Being understanding, even in the face of uncertain results, is what is important when communicating. But communication is necessary and, in these turbulent times, more important than ever.


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