Successful people do this

I’m slowly going through old notes, getting posts together to publish. There was a list of 21 habits of successful entrepreneurs which I had pulled from some place. In finding the original article, I identified this one published this month on Life Hack; several books (including this one) of the same title; and, finally, the original post I had saved.

I guess it makes sense that there are plenty of suggestions for how to become successful. After all, a lot of people have achieved some form of success or other, while there are plenty of others who never have.

Many of the lists give broad stroke suggestions for how to become successful in just about any field. They can fall into categories such as personal (keep a journal, meditate, set intentions), professional (prioritize deep work, make time for your team), and physical (exercise, eat breakfast), or they can break out in other ways.

There are trends in how high functioning people behave, but, at the same time, it’s possible for others to maintain similar habits and never break through the barrier they are pushing up against.

For me, I believe successful people keep going. It’s as simple as that. Tenacity.

This year, it’s hard to believe that next year will ever get here – that all of this will, at one point, be behind us. But, it most assuredly will. And when that happens, it’ll be the ones who haven’t given up that will have pushed further ahead.


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