We’re connected

It wasn’t so long ago that the world was separated by barriers both physical and personal. The distances and terrains that prevented our connection with various cultures has all but been erased in the rising of the Information Age.

Consider the Russian involvement in elections. Forty years ago, it was whispered about whether Russians were living among us. Now we accept that they can just tap into computers from a world away.

The internet has changed things, but we haven’t kept up with its potential. We’re still thinking in a 20th Century way regarding 21st Century issues. It isn’t that decisions we made in the past had no repercussions to others around the world; only now, the gap is significantly lower. It is obvious that what we do can, and likely will matter in the connected economy, social sciences, and environment.

We’re seeing the Information Age unfold before us in unimaginable ways. It’s equal parts exciting and frightening. As the technology takes shape and transforms our very lives, it’ll be exciting to see what the future will usher in.


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