The thing about this election

Here’s an observation I’ve made in this election cycle. From what I’ve seen there are two kinds of people who want to vote for the incumbent. The one point-of-view I have difficulty understanding. It is that, no matter who is in office, as long as it’s someone from your own party, you’ll vote to keep that person in.

Likewise, Democrats also have a view – as long as it’s their party, that’s the route. A lot of loberals felt disenfranchised in 2016 and didn’t come out to vote. This election is reinvigorating them – not as a party in support of the Democratic candidate, but as opposition to the Republican incumbent.

Maybe that in itself is the negative facet of a two-party system. That to support your agenda as a whole, you have to look over shortcomings that your candidate may have. Because the alternative, then, is your oppositional party…


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