More recent readings

Another collection of pages that have been sitting in the background, waiting for me to share them.

An interesting look at the way viral internet stories are generated, or at least how the headlines can encourage you to click on it, with reference to a tactic used a hundred years ago.

There’s too much out there now. I sometimes consider On Walden Pond and wonder how much relief Thoreau felt at the escape from (what at the time was) the modern world. Howard Chai muses about the death of boredom, and the world of content creation that is exploding in its vastness of product.

From Inc. comes 20 Life Changing Quotes by Tony Robbins. I’ve read two books from Mr. Robbins, and, regrettably, I am not yet always focused. But, I’m probably better than I was in the past…

Finance guru Ray Dalio stated back in March that he estimated corporate losses in the US from coronavirus will top $4 trillion. That’s roughy the size of the stimulus package that was supposed to keep the economy afloat, which may have been somewhat misused (as evidenced in this Washington Post graphical breakdown of the relief spending.

A few years back I binged-watched The West Wing. One of the characters quoted something, saying, “Let us be merry, therefore, while we are young. After the joys of youth, after the pains of old age, the ground will have us.” It’s something I’ve been revisiting lately.

What does it take to be a professional adventure? You know, it’s something that you don’t really think about. No one seems to go “adventuring” anymore. Most everything that would be apt for exploration has already been discovered. All the same, there are those who travel vociferously, attempting things new to them and seeing places new to us, and we hungrily gobble down the accounts of their wanderings. Leon McCarron is one such person.


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