Make better choices

Choice capital is a real thing, and we only have so much mental power to engage in effective decision-making each day.

Learning how to make better choices is a matter of allocating choice capital to the important matters and systemizing the rest to a process that requires little if any effort on our part. We can do this through routines, scheduling and planning, and limiting the number of superfluous decisions we must make throughout the day.

For instance, setting up your weekly wardrobe in advance, so that you don’t dig in and out of the dresser or closet looking for things that match. Even better, wear the same clothing items per day of the week. i.e. the Monday outfit, Tuesday outfit, and so on. Or best (potentially not from a fashion standpoint, but certainly from a choice capital one), have all of the same clothing items. Jeans and black turtleneck for instance, if you’re Steve Jobs. Then just wear a clean set every day.

Meal planning for the week as well, so that you don’t waste that precious pre-dinner time trying to decide what to cook, or splurging on take-out or fast food to get your fix.

Many of us have an abundance of extra time right now, not going out and engaging in the activities that we would usually do. If viewed as an opportunity to make changes to how we manage our home lives, this would be a perfect time to streamline some of those decisions that are constant drains on our choice capital.


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