Who you’re supposed to be

The hardest fight to win is the one you in which you fight yourself. Every decision you make that goes against your beliefs, your feelings, your desires, or your motivations makes it a little harder to act. Sometimes it’s so bad that even getting out of bed is an enormous effort of will.

Conversely, it’s why that, in the face of great adversity, someone can keep going, even though it seems impossible that they should do so. Larger thank life examples exist, like Civil Rights leaders John Lewis or Martin Luther King, Jr.; Thomas Edison, again with the thousand-bald failure example; or even the soldiers during the American Revolution, fighting an established army and navy.

But it’s not always about the big battles. It can be the small ones. The daily ethical choices we have to make. The decision to pursue comfort or to risk that in the potential of living your best life.

These are choices you have to make for yourself, but they’re choices that matter greatly.


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