The melting pot

It seems that I just wrote about the country being a blending place for people of all types, and then I come across something that I like maybe a tad bit more. Clothing designer Ougi Theodore, owner of The Brooklyn Circus, a haberdashery located in the Boerum Hill neighborhood of Brooklyn, was interviewed recently by fellow designer and clothing curator Todd Snyder.

Here’s what Mr. Theodore had to say about melting pots:

“I’m not a fan of the melting pot, more the mosaic. Because the melting pot turns the outsider into part of the mainstream rather than celebrating and supporting his or her individuality. … So, at what point is he no longer himself?”

We don’t weight the risks of losing identity when we preach acclimation. Maybe we assume that being acclimated is a true identity. But it’s important to stay authentic.

While we may seek order in chaos, there’s beauty in the world that can only come from nonuniformity.


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