Me write pretty

I haven’t submitted very much of my writing, and most of the long form I’ve done either hasn’t been seen, or it’s not yet completed. To wit, I’ve pieces from at least as far back as 2012 that haven’t been fully realized.

Authors of all shades tend to have pieces in drawers and on their computers, all in varying states of completion.

It’s part of the reason I started posting here – to get me more apt to share the work I have finished, or at least maintain a writing practice beyond the morning pages.

About six years ago I shared some writing with someone, and she said I wrote in a flowery way. Conversely, I’d read her essays she was submitting and they were very forward and straight to the point.

There’s value in both methods of writing, and neither one of us (I believe) was issuing a criticism. But it’s something that I’ve remembered, and perhaps it does actually color my writing.

Now, when I’m not writing for the blog, it generally is longer. With fiction I include a lot of descriptive words. I tend to get mired in the descriptions. Working my way out through the weeds can be tricky.

No matter what you’re writing, though, it’s important to find your voice. Your authentic voice. Whether it be flowery, straight-forward, or somewhere in-between.


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