The mundane life

When my brother pointed out to me the fictitiousness of certain cop procedurals on the television, we started talking about how boring actual police work can be.

The same is true for most onscreen depictions. Life, when exposed in two hour increments, or less, is often quite dull. Yes, there are those moments of excitement, but in general they don’t come all that often.

That said, we should embrace the quirks of our own lives. In Lois Roelofs’s Write Along With Me, she states, “No one wants to read boring stuff, so look for those things that make you unique. None of us is the same, so capitalize on it.”

This advice goes to writing by using yourself as character, but it’s also a reminder that while we entertain ourselves with stories of truly remarkable circumstances, there’s plenty in our own lives to keep us interested and engaged.


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