Some stories stay with you

I was driving through Jacksonville recently, and as I crossed the Fuller Warren Bridge, I recalled a bit of the audio book I was listening to one time as I drove across.

The story was Thanks for the Trouble, by Tommy Wallach. Looking back, I found that I had read it in sometime between October and December of 2017. Admittedly, it was young adult novel. But there’s a girl who’s planning to jump from a bridge to end her (unusually) long existence. So, perhaps it was the bridge that triggered the memory. Hard to say.

But it’s interesting that some stories will stay with you long after the experience. I can recall my first time seeing Lord of the Rings (as well as other movies from the late nineties and early aughts). Reading Gaiman, Godin, and Ferris. That joke my stepmother told me concerning Mickey’s divorce from Minnie (though the language used is probably the rationale for that remembering).

At the time it may seem so innocuous. But years later, it truly is amazing which of the narratives have stuck with us. Something we heard, or felt, that really resonated with us – indelibly burning its content into our memory.


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