Something about art

“Art is the highest expression of the human spirit” – Joyce Carol Oates

There are certain times when artistic expression is more important than we might otherwise think it is. We don’t pay much attention to what’s being produced, performed, or created when we go about our lives on the day-to-day. We work, watch television, read, go to bed.

However, now with so much time on our hands for many Americans, we get to really delve into the meaning behind where we get joy.

In 1970, Leonard Bernstein gave an address at the opening exercises of the Tanglewood Music Center in Massachusetts: “…Dr. Norton said, ‘It is the artists of the world, the feelers and thinkers, who will ultimately save us, who can articulate, educate, defy, insist, sing, and shout the big dreams. Only the artists can turn the not-yet into reality.'”


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