Usually, weekends are a great time to relax. To shrug off the work week, get some things done around the house, and take it easy.

The new world doesn’t seem to take that into account. We haven’t yet sorted out the unique ways that our emotional and mental stability needs restructuring during these stressful times.

I wish that it wasn’t the case. I’d love for nothing more than this pandemic to never have happened, or at least be far behind us. But, it isn’t. Not yet.

I don’t really want to write about it. But I, like most everyone, has the virus implanted securely in their mind. It’s an incessant thought and even in those moments where you are enjoying time with loved ones, it’s burrowing its way forward trying to remind you that the world is different.

Lacking some great advice that will surely make the strain less, it’s difficult to write about much of anything. There are few words to make this moment any better. It’s a generation-defining moment. It’s an inordinate challenge that few of us, if any, were equipped to handle. We’re all trying our best and doing what we can.

So this weekend, I hope everyone is being safe and considerate as best they can. That they know with certainty that this too will pass. And that, hopefully tomorrow, I’ll have something a little to write about that isn’t focused on how I’m spending quarantine or isn’t about a pandemic.

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