This year, especially, it seems that families will be close for the holiday. We’re in lockdown across the country, restaurants are predominantly closed, and we’re able to be with each other in ways that seemed impossible just last year.

It used to be that most places closed on holidays. Until they figured out that there was a market for shopping on holidays. For eating out. Then, as one or two started opening, others followed suit. Pretty soon, the holidays were just another set of days.

But this year, that’s not possible. We’re inside. If lucky, we have the outdoors to wander about in. And if we’re lucky, we have our family. Someone to spend this time with. To grow closer with. To drive crazy, as families tend to do when cooped up together.

Still, view this time together as an opportunity.

Be Excellent To Each Other | Keanu reeves, Funny pictures, Ted

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