The Generation Defined

Each generation has a crisis it must face. (While honestly, it seems more like each decade has an accompanying crisis, and at times it’s even more frequent than that…)

It was twenty years ago this September when I understood the heartache of a Nation for the first time. I watched as the conversation changed from one of grief and confusion to that of unity and retaliation. I didn’t fully understand the terrorist attack, much as I believe no American could truly understand it. But I could grasp the pain of Americans. We all could.

The great crisis of the present moment isn’t one of hijackings or explosives. It’s an assault on the human condition, and it defies borders or boundaries. Again, terror grips the Nation, but we are not alone in our discomfort.

While most will say the response was slow to take root, and others still pronounce fearmongering, the truth is that in suffering we pull together more than in prosperity.

As true among any of the species, we find strength in our unity and comfort in our shared experience.


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