News cycles

The 24-hour news cycle is constantly updating, altering, and becoming more like a social media feed than a traditional news source.

That’s because the way we consume our news has changed, partially because the way we live our lives has changed. Morning routines don’t regularly include the newspaper, but almost consistently involves the mobile device.

What constant streaming of coverage provides is not up-to-date information (though occasionally it is), but rather an addiction to instant gratification. We feel we know, because we keep tuning in, or scrolling down.

It misses the connective processes that traditional news coverage would allow for. The coverage, interpretation, and conversation surrounding events. Now in its immediacy, the conversation is over almost as soon as it’s begun. And the interpretation doesn’t get a very long gestation period.

I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: slowing down allows for a more informed population.


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