There are no re-dos in life

But there are reinventions.

We can’t go back and change how we reacted to a situation. Or make a different decision when the opportunity arose. Or bobbed when we should have weaved, etc.

So maybe we kick ourselves, reliving that moment over and over again. “If only I’d done it this way,” or “that way.”

Whatever the case may be, we cannot undo it. We don’t get another shot at that moment. It’s gone.

What we do have is the here and now. And at this moment, we can reframe our understanding of the past. Instead of kicking ourselves for missed opportunities, or shoddy decision-making, we can reinvent that moment as a time of learning.

We learned how we don’t want to react. That same situation will likely never come around. Similar situations will. And when they do arise, we’ll have a better idea of how we want to respond. We’ll be able to move forward, rather than dwell in the past.


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