Hadestown for the win

Take a classic Greek tragic myth – the story of Orpheus and Eurydice. Create a modern retelling, throw in some jazz swing style musicians on stage with the performers, and take it to the Great White Way. What’s the result? Tony Award for best musical, obviously.

I may get a chance to see it in September, but for now I’ve only listened. I like it okay, but it’s probably not the type of musical I generally go for.

The myth aspect is great, but the songs for me aren’t the most singable. And that’s often how I become attracted to musical cast recordings – songs I can sing along with.

All five musicals seemed to be worthy of the nomination, and I had it down to Hadestown or The Prom, though my money was on The Prom to win.

But I was wrong. Congrats Hadestown!


One thought on “Hadestown for the win

  1. I don’t how I knew that Hadestown would best musical and would sweep the Tonys if I barley knew all the new musicals that were nominated. I just somehow could tell. Hadestown is now on my list of musicals I want to see. For me- the songs don’t need to be singable to want to see a musical- the songs have to be likable to want to see a musical if I come across the songs first.

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