A freckled face was her distress,
You’d think her own, but you’d be wrong.
She’d swear up and down she’d ate enough,
That all was well, but don’t they all?

Beneath the surface she hides the truth
Of years of pain and loss.
She wore her smile like a shield,
A shield that shine in the sun’s warmth.

Then, alone, the smile would fade.
Sometimes tears, and other times,

Years had passed, and still
Time did little to ease her suffering.
A hidden hurt that no one could know.
The mirror was her enemy then,

Unable to look at the her looking back.
But from that, those knowing eyes
Piercing inward, her stomach could not take it.
She swore she ate enough.

And looking up, she’d wash her face.
Her freckles would spark those moments.
Alone, she smiles. A sad smile.

It doesn’t take long for it to fade.
Tears. Or silence.
She hates the silence.
And she misses that face.

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