I think I’ve been fed up over the past couple of weeks. Busy, yes. But I come to the blog to put my thoughts out there. Unload them, give them away. Hopefully to help me deal with issues that I’ve been wrestling with over the past two or so years.

The past couple of weeks have seemed to be tough, though. Politics, gun violence, sexual predation revelations in Hollywood, government, and in a vast number of other places. And with that much negative juju, I’ve had to turn inward. Just for a bit, to recharge my batteries.

Some of that time has been spent in goal-planning. Some in quiet meditation, walking outside, forest bathing and basking in the sun. I’ve not read much over these last weeks, but I’ve re-explored my musical interests.

I think sometimes the spirit needs to be refreshed, and how it’s done can be different for everyone. There have been times when stress has overcome me. Not many. I usually walk through life relatively easy-going and stress free. But I recall an instance when I was coming home after a particularly long day at work, then an hour and a half in traffic. Upon walking in to my already messy house, I discovered that the dog had significantly contributed to the mess by the way doggies do. And I lost it.

I’ve since left that job, cut my commute, and moved out of that house. Some problems need not be exacerbated by continuing in their cycle.

Some problems, however, cannot be avoided. And thus a period of recharge is necessary.

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