Change can be exciting. Change can be scary. It can be accepted, denied, or actively fought against. But change is inevitable, and the better we understand that, the more apt we are to succeed in the wake of things changing.


Currently, I find myself living sans routine. That’s both true and untrue. If taken as a whole, my days are pretty much – wake, gym, work, sleep. 

It’s the nitty gritty that is escaping me. With work hours shifting based on production needs, I sometimes go to the gym first thing in the morning. Other times, it’s as late as early-afternoon. Some days I skip completely, if I have to be there early or it’s a drive; or both. 

I don’t have much time to write, or, rather, I don’t use the time that I do have spending it on writing, or creating, or doing much at all that I usually feel is productive.

It’s been a long year, and the work aspect of it has left me with limited bandwidth. 

And I suppose that’s the struggle, yeah? Opting to make time for what’s important. Not just checking out and then showing up for your work day. But I still feel the need to revamp, design my current life situation just a bit better. Starting here.

Keep going

Sometimes I just sit and write and I’m not really sure what’s coming out. 

Life is like that sometime. You just do and do and do, without any real clear goal or understanding. And in those moments, you’re likely hoping for an outcome. 

Maybe it’s enough to just keep going, though.

One year in

After twelve months in Los Angeles, I’m still discovering much. There is no shortcut to becoming permanent in a place – to making it home. It’s a process. It’s about the people, and the lifestyle, and how you feel.

I love it in LA. Much of my journey has been leading me here, and I’m happy that I was able to finally realize it.

That isn’t to say it hasn’t been without its challenges. But everything worthwhile may come with a setback or three. I suppose you can’t let it deter you. Just hold on, and have faith that you made the right decision.

Keeping up

Time is such a finite resource. You don’t always consider it, but it’s always there: moving along in the background, ticking down the seconds, watching each and every life move from start to finish.

And the world, ever-connected, now has means to keep us plugged in and engaged among numerous fields of interests – fashion, arts, science, technology, politics, etc. We build these bubbles around us, which pulls in information we may find useful, and filters out that which the algorithm intuits we wouldn’t use anyway. 

Ever-connected, yet more disparate.

And still, how can we keep up with even everything we want to see? Everything we want to experience?

The fact is, we can’t. There just isn’t enough time. The best we can do is stay present, experience each moment, and attempt to live life with an authenticity that will not leave us disappointed in our final moments.

Creativity begets creativity

In a way that can make sense to those who think about it, doing something creative will lead to even more creative output. Cleaning a small area of the house will lead to a determination to clean more. Volunteering your time does tend to make you want to volunteer more.

It isn’t till you start doing something, realizing it fills a need, that you set intentions to do more of it. 

The key, then, is to start.

The home

I invite few people into my home anymore. There wasw a time when it was party every weekend, always entertaining. I can’t blame it on the pandemic, because it started long before then. 

That isn’t to say that I don’t like guests or company. Maybe it’s just the sense of wanting that space to be perfect.

Starting from scratch

I’ve been at this for a while. I’m not always good at it. A lot of the time, I struggle to figure out what to say – what to talk about.

Do I talk about myself? Or the broad strokes of something else?

Do I try and dispense wisdom; things I’ve learned over the years, or the failures that have led me to where I’m at.

My likes – books, movies and television, travel. Also, oddly enough, toys in the likeness of the classic Japanese kaiju, Godzilla. (That’s a topic for another time, though).

I’ve been very fortunate to have such varied experiences. Sometimes I’m a little sad about missed opportunities. Life has a way of buouying us up and dropping us down, sometimes multiple trips in a single day.

So what do I say? If I try, if I really try, maybe I’ll be able to stick with it. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll come up with something worth reading. 

Not today, of course, but maybe tomorrow.

Do we dream

Not all dream equally, to paraphrase T.E. Lawrence. But all do. Don’t we?

And what of those dreams? Do they delight, astonish, and bring joy?

Do they terrify, or cause us to shiver in the night?

Do we dream in the light of day, seeing the possible where others see only impossible?

Dreams, my friend, are the building blocks of the miraculous.

Do we dare

There is no limit to what we can achieve. This is something we’re told. Maybe we believe it, maybe we don’t. And, whether or not we believe can actually affect how true it is…

We have limiting beliefs. We have beliefs that get us through our days; through the difficult times and even the good. And when it comes to our potential, it’s a matter of what we believe we can handle, and are we accepting the fear and moving forward anyway.

Do we dare to go for it.

Sure. We will fall. It’s inevitable. But do we get back up? Do we dare to keep going?