Find the off switch

It’s exhausting to be constantly “on”. In extreme cases, I can think of comedians who privately battle depression, but while in public maintain their irreverent persona to the joy of others.

It can be similar in business affairs, in keeping up with the Jones’s, or even in maintaining a functioning household. If there’s no time for full relaxation or decompression, then you’re just “on”, and eventually you’ll burn out.

Creating content

Where does content come from? There is so much being published in the internet. One hour of video is uploaded to YouTube every second. Blogs, podcasts, artwork – all flying around digitally.

How do you sort?

As a consumer, what are the important pieces?

As a creator, are you reaching your audience?

No matter how much you’re creating, or posting, or consuming, it all starts one at a time.


In my calendar, I try to segment by color what it is I’m doing. Work. Gigs. Side jobs. Health and exercise. I’ve got a calendar header titled Expansion, and it tends to be my most exciting one.

Anything that grows who I am falls under this header. It can be as simple as reading time, or as extensive as travel or getting my SCUBA certification. When the other calendar entries look too heavy, I make time for Expansion. Because if we’re not growing, we’re just dying.


About 10 days ago I was on a tour through Denali National Park, showcasing views of Mt. Denali; wildlife (moose mostly); and a sprawling landscape that disguised distances to the naked eye. Back only a handful of days, I just started looking through photos of the trip.

The beauty and grandeur of Alaska is something I cannot recommend enough to everyone – for them to see it for themselves.

Week’s highlights

Here some things I was looking at this week:

  • Spider-Man: Far from Home, and the black outfit. I saw the film just a few days ago, and then this article popped up for me. The four-color dot printing process was something I’d been familiar with, but not given much thought in terms of blue vs. black. Enjoyed this piece, and the film (with AC/DC’s Back in Black making the rounds ala the Iron Man films).
  • Free Nintendo Online for Amazon Prime members. A buddy passed this on to me, and hey, if you have Prime, why not?
  • Why mosquitoes like my girlfriend more than they like me. Just something interesting.
  • And what I’ve passed on the most – JOMO. Probably the thing that aggravates people the most about me is that I say no. A lot. But with my time being the only commodity I can really actively control, I just can’t say yes to everything. Really, hardly anything – with many requests coming in for my time, there aren’t enough hours in the day. So I miss out, and happily so. It’s the joy of missing out.


Independence Day, 2019. I’m thankful for the opportunities this country affords, and for the history that this country has made. I worry too, for the choices we do make as a nation, and for what the next ten, twenty-five, or hundred years will bring. I won’t see 2119, but I’m planning on making it to 2100.

(My goal was 2,095, but what’s five more years?)

The world has changed dramatically, and continues to do so. As the fireworks ignite tonight, think of what that looked like 243 years ago – and what our descendants will see 243 years from now.

Back in the lower 48

After a wonderful trip up through Alaska and Canada, I am home again. My intention was to maintain posting every day during the trip, but it became too difficult for me to maintain while I was traveling. But now I’m back, nearly over the jet lag, and ready to hit the ground running.

This week, I’ll be writing about what I read last month, the fourth and its significance for me, and of course, my travels.

Though I am glad to be home, I think Alaska will stay with me in a way like no other place has.