Week’s (or weeks’) highlights

Some of the things that caught my attention over the past few weeks.

  • How to use a knife. One of the things I picked up in Alaska was a scrimshaw knife carved on fossilized moose bone. It’s ended up being my favorite souvenir, I suppose in part because I get to carry it with me every day. But also because it feels like I’m in touch with the land. This video popped up a couple of weeks ago, and I thought it was kind of fun to watch, even if it’s about kitchen knifes…
  • Quit drinking altogether? Sarah Sloat’s article on casual drinking gave some interesting stats, like, “On average, the mental well-being of the women who quit drinking approached the level of lifetime abstainers within the four-year period. There was, however, very little change in the mental well-being of the men who quit. These results were persistent even after the scientists adjusted for sociodemographic characteristics, body mass index, and smoking status.”
  • The NYTimes mapped the major American artists of the past century, and it’s pretty damn neat. I also have an affinity for maps.
  • Where are our Park Rangers? I briefly considered taking a Ranger job at a National Park. The salary was $22,000/year. It wasn’t feasible at the time. Upper management in some larger parks can make close to $100,000/year, which is comparable for Government positions. But with budget cuts and increasing park attendance, make sure you’re staying safe.

Watching: Stranger Things
Reading: Call of the Wild 
Listening to: Oklahoma! 2019 Revival Cast Recording

Week’s highlights

Here some things I was looking at this week:

  • Spider-Man: Far from Home, and the black outfit. I saw the film just a few days ago, and then this article popped up for me. The four-color dot printing process was something I’d been familiar with, but not given much thought in terms of blue vs. black. Enjoyed this piece, and the film (with AC/DC’s Back in Black making the rounds ala the Iron Man films).
  • Free Nintendo Online for Amazon Prime members. A buddy passed this on to me, and hey, if you have Prime, why not?
  • Why mosquitoes like my girlfriend more than they like me. Just something interesting.
  • And what I’ve passed on the most – JOMO. Probably the thing that aggravates people the most about me is that I say no. A lot. But with my time being the only commodity I can really actively control, I just can’t say yes to everything. Really, hardly anything – with many requests coming in for my time, there aren’t enough hours in the day. So I miss out, and happily so. It’s the joy of missing out.


Independence Day, 2019. I’m thankful for the opportunities this country affords, and for the history that this country has made. I worry too, for the choices we do make as a nation, and for what the next ten, twenty-five, or hundred years will bring. I won’t see 2119, but I’m planning on making it to 2100.

(My goal was 2,095, but what’s five more years?)

The world has changed dramatically, and continues to do so. As the fireworks ignite tonight, think of what that looked like 243 years ago – and what our descendants will see 243 years from now.

Week’s highlights (Alaska edition)

Some of the things that caught my attention up north.

  • North edited by Julie Decker. A collection of writings and art from Alaska, and for Alaska
  • Travel America & Beyond! TrekAmerica provides long-term tour opportunities.
  • A suggestion from a friend, Onnit nutritional supplements for increased health and vigor.
  • The Lucas Ship problem. Being on a ship currently, this one intrigued me. So here it is.
  • Week’s highlights

    Some of the interesting things I have been thinking about this week:

    • First – my new car. I’ve seen this ad a number of times now, and I have completely fallen in love with this vehicle. Now, it won’t come out until 2020, but I’m on the list for initial test drives. I. Cannot. Wait.
    • Thanks to the above ad, I’ve resisted a song I listened to three years ago a lot. Simon & Garfunkle’s Sound of Silence, performed by Disturbed. It was a haunting take on a classic song, and listening to it again this week was a bit cathartic.
    • Humble Bundle. Another revisit that I seem to have been discussing a lot this week. Several years ago I purchased the Neil Gaiman bundle, and have since added comics and other ebooks to my library, with some money going to charity and some going to creators, with only a little bit going back to the company. It’s a good model, and I appreciate the work that they do there.
    • Why don’t need to be superproductive. It was nice coming across this week, when it’s felt so hectic that I just didn’t seem to get near enough accomplished. So, thank you Outside. Thank you Brad Stulberg. Thank you Oliver Burkeman, of The Guardian. And thank you me, for letting me slow down a bit.


    Week’s highlights

    Some of the interesting things I came across this week:

    • Social network gaming. How gaming has become the go-to place for people to connect, taking the place of social networks, or at least supplementing them.
    • Make me Smart on Alexa – courtesy of APM’s Marketplace. One of my favorite radio programs on NPR is Marketplace, and I’ve been listening since first getting into the public radio scene in 2007. This new feature for Alexa smart speakers is wonderful to have.
    • It’s good to be the dumbest guy in the room. Robert Kiyosaki wrote in Rich Dad, Poor Dad something along the line of “a successful business person will hire people smarter than themself.” This is basically the same concept, and it’s one I often find myself thinking about. Coming across this during the week was apt timing…
    • How hangovers started Brunch. Just for fun. Subsequently, this caused my rant on avocado toast.