My First Hundred days

I was reading in the New Yorker that every year for about the past four decades, travel guru Rick Steves has done 100 days in Europe. Until last year.

I’ve been to Europe twice, but never longer than a month. In fact, I haven’t been anywhere for that long, other than the places I’ve called home. Until last year. Just before COVID became an international pandemic, I was bound for Alaska. In the time since, I’ve crisscrossed the US, finding myself in the Dakotas, up and down the east coast, and now in California.

My time here in LA will be roughly 100 days. Presumably, 102 days, to be exact. 

Thus far I’ve done little else but work, go to the gym, and spend time in the condo where I’m staying. I’ve found a couple of doughnut shops, a grocer, a liquor store, and a Trader Joe’s. And that’s been about it for the course of four weeks. 

Traveling of any sort under the shadow of the pandemic still proves something of a psychological block to me. Of course, venturing out can be done safely – wear a mask, distance, etc. But even still, it’s not always easy stepping back into the routine. 

But for there to be shadows, something must be glowing. As Steves said in his interview, “COVID can derail our travel plans, but it cannot stop our travel dreams.” And as long as the dream remains, it’s only a matter of time before it leads to exploration.

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