Fifty days

I spent fifty days in the city of Ketchikan during this pandemic. While you could say that I walked a good deal around the island, I feel that I didn’t get to know it. Not really.

A place is more than its geography. It’s about its people and its culture. While I was able to see a little bit of it, much was locked away. Protected from germs, and from my prying eyes.

Travelogues, while proving difficult for me to read in the past, do possess a certain mystique about them – at least for me. In writing my travelogue regarding my nearly two months in Alaska, it would be a lot of routine. Same place, same walks, very people. Occasional trips to resupply at the grocers.

Hopefully, when the pandemic is over and next summer rolls around, I’ll find myself in a much more accomodating environment for exploration and understanding.

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