Storms and stuff

There’s a hurricane peering down my coast. That almost sounds dirty.

Dorian, likely a Category 4 when it makes landfall in just over 24 hours. I’ve seen a lot of hurricanes. Thrown (or been to) a lot of hurricane parties. They don’t quite get me like they used to.

I like the rain. I like the seclusion. There’s a degree of simplicity when power’s lost, and all that can be done is by day or by candlelight; grill or camp fire.

Do I hope that it passes us by? Yes.

Do I mind roughing it for a few days if we lose power? Not at all.


The longer you wait to start something back up, the harder it can be to get it going. That’s been the case for my writing. Also some other things – yoga, reading, and decluttering, as examples.

Sometimes you get sidetracked. It happens. And it happens to everyone. No matter what the circumstance, or how long it’s been, just get back in there. Maybe you are out of the flow, and it takes longer to do what you had done before. Or you can’t do as much. But just try and get those muscles moving – those juices flowing. It feels good.

Will this be the push that gets me back in the swing? Perhaps. Perhaps not. But the important thing is to try.