Opening up

A couple of days ago I posted a link to How Not to Be Boring. (Week’s Highlights May 17.)

It’s been sticking with me. As an INFP personality, with an unusually high dose of natural charisma, I’ve fought social conventions through most of my life (with varying levels of success as well as commitment). I can listen well. That’s one of my most valuable gifts, in my opinion – my ability to listen and be empathetic. It’s also emotionally exhausting at times, and there have been stretches of my life when I needed to retreat just to recharge my batteries – completely cutting myself off from family, friends, and many others.

Lidia Yuknavitch’s TED talk on being a misfit came to mind as well. I understand not fitting in, and I get fitting in as well. It’s a ledge we walk. Trying to be socially acceptable, while at the same time trying to be ourself.

I’m not boring. Sometimes I take too long to tell a story, or I harp on the innocuous details, and I feel attention waning. But that’s not me – that’s just my take on storytelling. The things I’ve done in my life aren’t boring, and some of them are completely ridiculous. Maybe one day they’ll all wind up here.


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