Everything Changes

We replace our bodies every 28 days, or something like that. I don’t recall the exact maxim that tells how the cells in our bodies die and are reborn. But every month or so I guess we are a new creature, yet the same. 

I think of this after reading the New York Times article on the cast of Hamilton having an impromptu talkback with Vice-President elect Mike Pence. I have no problem with it, for the record.

Still I found myself getting agitated. Not at the political landscape, which is bad enough. But at the change in how I view theatre. It used to be my passion. My joy-bringer. Now I feel sad thinking about it. 

For several years I was a working actor, but after this past year the wind of my theatrical sails was sucked out. I don’t know if they’ll ever catch wind again. Which leaves me wondering, what am I going to do now?

Welcome to the New Age

Sitting in a hospital lobby now. My brother is sick, having surgery. I’ve been sitting with him for a couple hours, with my mother and our other brother. It’s weird seeing him attached to tubes and oxygen. But he’s a strong guy, and only in his forties, so I have no doubts as to successful recovery. 

A lot of things are going on. There’s the election for one. I could devote several posts to just that, and it seems likely that I will. Also my spiritual discovery, which has been both continual and stilted, depending on the day. Upcoming travels, figuring out my relationship issues and teaching. my day-to-day.

I hope to become more diligent with my writing, but I thought I would participate in NaNoWriMo and that has been consuming a great deal of my time these past two weeks. I’m short of my 25,000 word count mark for today, the half-way point in November, but the concept is a fully fleshed-out novel and I’m optimistic about finishing in time. 

That’s all for today I think. Back to waiting for surgery to be over. Take care.


Hanging out up in Atlanta for a few days. Just had a good breakfast with old friends, and talked about the film industry here in town. It’s thriving, and with all the growth it seems that Atlanta is really prospering from it. I wonder if the state will keep its tax credits as is, or if it’ll get greedy like Florida did. 

There was a time when Florida was Hollywood East, and Disney and Universal had studios built west of Orlando. Seeing the potential revenues the State decided to get a bigger slice of the pie. Then the industry said, “no”, and took the pie away almost completely. I watched Paper Towns for the first time recently, and was amazed at the Orlando location. How had I not heard that it was filming there?

Turns out, it wasn’t. North Carolina hosted that production, and stock footage was used of the downtown Orlando area. The same kind of thing happened with Fresh Off the Boat, the tv series filmed in California but based in Orlando. It’s an interesting phenomenon. I guess we’ll see what happens here in Atlanta…